Friday, March 18, 2005



Greetings everyone!

The last couple of months have been quite busy. I am a full-time student at Northwestern College and I also take a class at Normandale Community College. This takes up quite a bit of my time.

My primary job, though, is that of a full-time daddy to my beautiful little girl. She is 20 months old and quite a handful!

Our family was at the Minnesota Zoo two weekends ago and Evelyn (our daughter) threw her first temper tantrum in public. I just happened to be about 10 feet away when it happened (my wife was with her). We had decided long ago when this inevitable time came that we would let her finish and realize that she was not going to get her way.

So there she was, crying and laying on the ground, when a woman walked by and said to her friend, "That is why I am never having kids." My first thought was, "but then you miss out on the 95% of stuff that is so incredible and precious!" How many other ventures in life give that kind of return? 95% good; 5% difficult? I would not trade a single day or experience that we have had with Evelyn for anything!

God bless all of the parents out there! Please pray for parents who do not see the joy in their children, but rather that they are a burden.
That's pretty much why I don't want to have kids anytime soon. My parents used to just throw me in the car and let me boil (remember I grew up in Texas). I don't think they could get away with that anymore.

It's good that y'all had a plan, though.
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